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Frequently Asked Questions 




Elk herd gathered at Ranch. Wapiti River Elk


Where does Wapiti River source its elk?
All of Wapiti River elk are sourced from elk farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Do you sell retail products direct to households?
No.  Our company is a large volume wholesale supplier who deals direct to distributors only.  People wanting to try small quantities such as a few steaks and packages of ground are directed towards your Provincial or State Elk Association for a list of farm gate sellers.


Is our Elk Meat Inspected?
Our elk meat is processed at a Federally inspected and European Union (EU) approved plant located in southern Alberta. Thus, we can export all over the world. For Halal needs, please call to discuss.

Is elk meat safe?
Absolutely. Wapiti River’s ranched elk meat is arguably the safest red meat on the market! There is no other meat available that has to comply with as many food safety and quality assurance standards as does Wapiti River’s elk meat. For example:

Do you sell Elk Antler Products?
AWAPCO will collect green antler for buyers wanting large quantity such as container loads.  Same with hard antler, large quantity only.  


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