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Highest Quality Elk Meat Products!


For details on Yak meat available, please contact our sales manager Rick Bernard.  (780) 478-0950 or info@wapitiriver.com.

Wapiti River is proud to be your large volume wholesale supplier of premium quality elk meat. Meat Distributers Welcome.


Our elk meat is available to be exported fresh or frozen, via air or sea container. We supply meat markets in Europe, the United States, and Canada.



    Chuck Cuts

Pieces/Box Approx. Wt./Box
Boneless Chuck Roast 4 30lbs
Denver Leg-Inside/Out./Knuckle 1 20 lbs
Shoulder S 6 22 lbs
Middle Meats
Striploin 6 17 lbs.
Tenderloin 6 17 lbs.
Top Sirloin 6 17 lbs.
Lipon Ribeye 6 17 lbs
French Rack- Rib 6 17 lbs
Full Loin 6 17 lbs
Thin Meats
Chuck Tenders 6 26 lbs.
Flank Steak 6 26 lbs.
Trim Items
Lean Trim Bulk 38 lbs.
Machine Trim Bulk 38 lbs.
Bones and Offal
C.C Bone/Shank
Soup Bones (Femur)
Bulk 45 lbs.
Neck Bones Bulk 45 lbs.
Heart Bulk 30 lbs.
Liver Bulk 40 lbs


Quality Ranched Elk Meat - Wapiti River



Elk Ivories

Ivories - Jewelers and wholesalers interested in purchasing bulk orders of ivories are asked to please contact Wapiti River. Elk of various ages are processed, so ivory availability and quality varies.


Elk Leather Hide

Hides - All hides are available in a salted state. When removed from the carcass, the hides are pulled, thus decreasing risk of hide damage by knife cutting.


To discuss all of your elk meat and elk products needs, please call Alberta Wapiti Products General Manager:

Rick Bernard

Office: (780) 478-0950

Cell: (780) 953-5944

Fax: (780) 406-2291

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