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Your wholesale supplier of premium quality Elk meat and Yak meat.
To discuss your needs, please call or email our sales rec. Rick at (780)953-5944 or info@wapitiriver.com


Wapiti River carcass hanging

Alberta Wapiti Products Co-op (AWAPCO)

AWAPCO is a large volume wholesale supplier of premium quality farm raised elk meat. Distribution companies welcome!

Since our inception 2001, Alberta Wapiti Products Co-op (AWAPCO) has become an Internationally recognized and trusted wholesale supplier of elk meat in  both Canada and the USA. 

Please contact our central office in Leduc, Alberta for more information regarding any of our products or services with our contact form or by phone at: 780-980-7589. 

AWAPCO   does not sell whole or part hanging    carcass, only box cuts.Give us a call today and we will help you find a distributor in your area or our closest warehouse.

Wapiti River Yak