Wapiti River Elk Cows

Nutrition, Health & Wapiti River Elk Meat

Elk Meat is low in fat and packed with nutrients!

Elk has the same cuts of meat distributors are used to purchasing. Tenderloin, striploin, Denver leg, trim and other cuts are readily available.Healthy Elk Tenderloin

We are proud to offer premium quality Alberta Ranched elk meat. Our elk meat is safe, low in fat, high in protein and a flavourful eating experience. With the average fat intake of most Canadians exceeding the recommended daily allowances of Canada’s Food Guide, elk meat is certainly a healthy, wholesome alternative.

Nutrient comparisons emphasize a product low in fat, cholesterol, and calories. Protein levels are comparable to other meats. Elk meat is an excellent source of iron, thus contributing to its luxuriant, dark colouring.

Comparative Nutritive Value

Based on 100 gm separable lean only, cooked or broiled.

Item CALORIES (kcal) FAT (g) PROTEIN (g) IRON (mg)
Yak Ribeye** 110 2.00 22 2.7
Elk Loin* 167 3.84 31 4.0
Bison Loin* 171 5.65 28 3.5
Beef Loin* 177 5.90 29 2.8
* Canadian Nutrient File
** International Yak Association


Because elk meat is very low in fat, shorter cooking time and a lower temperature is recommended. For best results with premium cuts, grilling, roasting, or pan fry medium rare, then remove from the heat to further cook on their own briefly before serving. Overcooking can tend to dry out elk meat quickly. For some variety, try substituting elk meat into one of your favourite conventional red meat recipes. It is delicious and nutritious.