Are you an Elk Farmer?

Elk producers interested in shipping elk with Elk Farmers can call AWAPCO's officeAWAPCO, should contact the office any time.  Though we look after our members first, AWAPCO may accept elk from members outside the Co-op from time to time.  Producers from both Alberta and Saskatchewan are welcome to ship elk with AWAPCO. Please contact the office today at 780-980-7589 for assistance.  AWAPCO is here for you, the producer.

Producers shipping elk with AWAPCO are asked to be sure to understand and follow the Health of Animals regulations. 


  • Elk are raised in a natural environment, grazing and feeding on clean and spacious pasture, and fee of hormones and steroids.

  • All withdrawal times for vaccinations, anthelmintics, and antibiotics (if necessary for therapeutic use only) are observed.  Elk processed through AWAPCO are done so at a Federally inspected plant with rigorous residue testing.      

  • When transporting animals with AWAPCO, please refer to the National Farm Animal Care Council Code of Practice.  


Are you a Yak Farmer?

Yak producers interested in supplying animals for the meat market are encouraged to call the AWAPCO office today to discuss your needs.

Are you a Yak Farmer?
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